Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Make your kid’s summer, a rocking food adventure

Summer holidays are the time of the year when you want to have fun and adventure. With school vacations on, kids have all the time to themselves and are beaming with energy. It is the time when usually parents prefer to engage them in different activity classes and workshops to ensure their day is spent well with some significant benefits.

With so much to do during summers, the body's demand for food and water intake goes up. Kids often refuse to eat when the body is exhausted. We mothers ought to make sure that after an hour of physical activity, be it any sports or play, kids must be fed healthy food or drinks to ensure their body gets all the required nutrients that they burn during their play. You can visit here for all your cooking needs, recipes, tips and more.
With a fussy eater at home, it has always been a struggle for me to ensure the right amount of protein, carbs, vitamins, and calories go into his body. As a mother, I have had the toughest time seeing my child fall sick now and then due to low immunity. Children with weaker immune systems are often prone to seasonal infections that effects their overall growth and development.
This summer I decided to have some food adventure with my little boy to improve his eating habits:
Involve your kids in cooking
My little chef loves to help his mommy in kitchen. So every time I am cooking, I try and get him involved in small stuff like picking veggies from the fridge, washing, peeling and chopping. He enjoys doing all of it by himself. While we are busy preparing the vegetables, we discuss the various features and benefits it gives to our body. Now that he is learning all of it in science, it’s fun when he can relate to all that he has studied. Cutting salads is his favorite thing to do, and we don't mind popping in a few bites while chopping carrots, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, etc.
Have a color theme for the day
Summer is the season of juicy fruits like berries, grapes, watermelon, lychees, mangoes and many more. Having a color theme helps us introduce different colors each day. So we make sure we have variety in our food, and he gets to try new food and vegetables too.
Take them along while buying fruits and veggies
He is my little helper. As much he likes to pull the trolley and shop things from the list, he enjoys picking vegetables and fruits. Allowing them the freedom to choose what they want gives them a sense of pride, and they enjoy the whole experience.
Let kids experiment with different shapes
Trying out shape themes for each day is another great idea. Having food items with varying shapes allows them to experiment with various forms, be it sandwiches, salad, fruits or cookies.
Make your own infused water
Summer is at the peak and keeping kids hydrated is the most important thing to do. Drinking just plain water isn't enough as they are active nonstop. Drinking infused water or letting them make their own infused water with their choice of fruits like watermelon, orange slices, mint leaves, cucumber, etc., is a great idea. My son loves to sip from the colorful bottle he carries with him to play.
Homemade Ice-creams and Popsicles
Summers are the time when kids demand ice creams and popsicles, why not make them at home? With the great variety of seasonal juicy fruits available, it's not just comfortable but also a healthy option to try with kids.
Experiment with smoothies and shakes
Smoothies and shakes with the different combination of fruits like mangoes, banana, strawberry and a spoonful of Pediasure’s new cookies and cream flavour will provide kids with significant health benefits.
Mix and Match / Try various food combinations
The best thing to do to change the child's attitude towards food that they think they don't like is to mix and match it with something that they want. Camouflaging the food items in something of their choice helps increase their affinity towards the food item.
Make mealtime fun
Another good idea is to make eating time fun time. Kids try and look for ways to find something to play with even while eating food. Playing fun games like a quiz or puzzles relating to the food item can keep their interest in eating and trying different food items.

Above are the tips that worked for me and I see a significant change towards his eating patterns and food habits.

Recently, I was at the event where Abbott India launched Pediasure in a new cookies and cream flavor, that's so far the best and tastes lovely. My son's favorite was the vanilla flavored Pediasure, but after trying the latest one, he doesn't want to go back to vanilla. It tastes so yum.

I know his love for Pediasure, and that's the reason we don't limit its use to just milk. Our homemade ice creams, smoothies, shakes, cupcakes, cookies oatmeal, yogurt all contain Pediasure. And now it's going to taste even better with the new cookies and cream flavor. It's a great way to provide them with the maximum nutrients with the least of efforts because it's #TimeToGrow for our kids and this is when their body demands the most.

Hope you find these tips helpful and make the most of your summer food adventure too!

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Are you yet to find the best diaper cream for your baby?

Motherhood can be tricky and exhausting especially for new moms who are yet to learn the tricks of the trade. Yes, raising a baby constantly puts you in a place where you are questioning yourself if you are doing it right. 

Lack of information on the right product for babies can worsen your experience of raising a new born. One such instance I can talk of from my motherhood experience is when I saw my baby suffer of the diaper rash. I still remember the first time when I spotted a red swollen rash on my baby's bum. And it gets even worse when you treat it with a wrong product. I remember using a baby talc all over his bottoms and thighs thinking it will keep the area dry and the rash with disappear.

To my surprise, the rash spread all over the diaper area and became worse by the day. And as a mother it's the most heart-breaking thing to see your little baby cry of pain. I couldn't but blame myself for not being able to treat it well before time. 

I am sure many of us mums out there struggle to find the best baby diaper rash cream for their babies that can protect their babies skin from rashes and also heals the faster.

Before we get to the solution of a problem, let's understand the root cause.

What is diaper rash?

A skin irritation caused at the bottoms usually anywhere in the diaper area, that might appear as a small rash or red patch on the skin at the beginning but worsens and takes form of blisters if not treated well in time. You can look out for these rashes on the buttocks, under thighs and around the torso.

What causes diaper rash?

There could be several reasons other than the fact that baby’s skin is super sensitive and is prone to any kind of skin infections. The fact that it's referred to as diaper rash itself states its main cause. Newborn babies live in diapers be it disposable or cloth diapers. Inspite of all the care taken by diaper companies, the baby's skin is never 100 percent dry. The moisture and wetness of urine and potty are good enough reasons for a baby's irritated skin. 

Chemicals used in the diapers could also be a major cause of skin infection causing rashes. Some disposable diapers use dyes and perfumes other than chemicals which is again harmful to baby skin.

Cloth diaper is a better option to avoid such chemical reactions with the baby skin, however sometimes negligence on the cleaning part of cloth diapers can cause skin reaction too. Also an extra care is required to be taken while using the detergent as it can harm the baby's skin as much.

How to treat diaper rash?

The first thing after identifying the diaper rash is to treat it correctly. People often make a mistake of buying creams over the counters and applying. This may worsen the condition and a simple rash might turn into a painful infection that would require even more care and time to heal. 

There are several products doing the rounds in the market. With the availability of so many different creams it's tough to pick the right one for your baby. 

Newly Launched Caladryl Diaper Cream

Here's introducing you to CALADRYL diaper cream by Piramal health care. Caladryl has already made its mark for treating skin allergies in children and babies. Caladryl is the market leader in the anti-allergy and anti-itch topical application segment. It is India’s most trusted and prescribed lotion for any kind of skin allergies and works wonders not just for kids but adults too. 

The newly launched Caladryl diaper cream for diaper rashes comes with the same expertise as the mother brand. Caladryl Diaper Cream is here to bust the myth that "diaper rash creams need to get absorbed by the skin". As per the experts "Unlike a moisturising cream which gets absorbed, a diaper rash cream needs to form a protective layer on the skin to work effectively".

This uniquely formulated cream has the properties of an anti-allergy and provides fast relief and rapid healing to babies from diaper rashes. 

Why Caladryl diaper cream ? 

1) Unlike conventional diaper creams, Caladryl diaper cream acts 2 times faster to protect and soothe baby’s skin from diaper rash.
2) It is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin and is gentle on baby's skin.
3) It contains zinc oxide, an ingredient which is approved by the US FDA as a skin protectant and is an ideal component for diaper cream. 
4) Ingredients like olive oil and glycerin are mild on baby's skin and helps sooth the skin faster while keeping it soft and supple.
5) Unlike a moisturising cream, Caladryl diaper cream is specifically formulated to be a thicker cream that forms a protective layer on the skin and blocks out the wetness from urine that helps heal the rash faster.

My Review

I completely rely on Caladryl for any sort of skin allergies be it for my child or myself. The years of experience with the mother brand has my trust and I would not think even twice before I recommend this outstanding formula to my well wishers for baby skin. The fact that it comes from a reputed brand that's been tried and tested for ages gives this product a big thumbs up.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Rule out Thyroweight and live life to the fullest

We are always trying to strike a right balance in life. However with increasing demands of work, home and family, one thing that we tend to neglect the most is our health, especially women. 

Thyroid disorder is a very common disorder and more women are found to be suffering from this hormonal imbalance than men worldwide. If the studies are to be believed, 1 in 10 Indian adults suffer from Thyroid disorders.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of an event to generate awareness among people about this commonly known disorder and bust several myths around it.
The cause has been supported by a Bollywood Celebrity herself, the gorgeous Juhi Chawla. She shared a great insight on Thyroid disorder as she has seen the repercussions very closely, with her husband being one of the Thyroid patients. Dr.Shehla Shaikh gave us detailed information about the disorder, it's causes, symptoms, treatment and medication. It was commendable to see her answer all our questions patiently and clearing minutest doubts pertaining to the disorder. 

It's important to understand, Thyroid gland plays a vital role in producing Thyroid hormones that essentially effects our metabolic rate. This gland when disrupts the hormone secretion, leads to

Hypothyroidism-  Less secretion of the hormones
Hyperthyroidism- Excess secretion of the hormones

Hypothyroidism is more common than the latter one and more commonly gets ignored for its generic symptom – THYROWEIGHT .

Weight gain and tiredness together combines Thyroweight. It's important not to confuse Thyroweight with common weight gain problems and medical attention must be seeked to when a symptom shows up. An early detection of Thyroid disorder  can #ruleoutThyroweight . It's also advisable to monitor the Thyroid level and keep a regular check as it might affect our mood, energy levels and overall health.

Dr.Shaikh very rightly said, that we tend to ignore the signals our body gives us and find some or the other excuses to neglect the weight gain. Recognising the initial signs and regulating the weight gain can go a long way in treating the most common health concerns women face today. Let's not ignore the fact that neglecting the same can also lead to serious cardiovascular and neurological complications if left untreated.

The constant feeling of lethargy, fatigue, tiredness, and small weight gain are some of the visible symptoms of Thyroid disorder. The sooner we detect them, the easier life gets.

Although anyone can develop Thyroid disorder, you are more prone if you are -

A women older than 35 yrs.
Have an autoimmune disease e.g. Diabetes.
Have a history of Thyroid disorder in the family.
Have been treated with radioactive iodine or anti- Thyroid medication.
Have had Thyroid surgery.

Symptoms such as thyroweight (weight gain and toredness), change in voice, swelling on face/legs, hair loss, and constipation need to be attended to immediately with a test.

A common test referred to as TSH (Thyroid Function Test) can help you clear your doubts of the disorder if at all you notice the above signs. For more information pls visit here

Hypothyroidism and Pregnancy 

Studies indicate that pregnancy related hormones lead to a decrease in Thyroid hormone levels. Dr.Shaikh suggested that a Thyroid test must be done soon at the time of conception without any delay to avoid any complications to the foetus and the baby.

Though it's a very common disorder, it comes with a stigma attached to it and there are many myths surrounding this disorder that can have a bad influence on the person suffering with it. I am glad for an interactive session with the Doctor and Juhi Chawla brought about the facts and busted several myths that are doing rounds about the disorder and especially related to Thyroweight

It's a complete myth that Thyroid patients with obesity cannot lose weight. Adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising, regular walking, monitoring the timely dose of medicine can bring thyroweight under control.

Another myth that can be traumatic for the patient is "Once you get Thyroid dysfunction, it is forever." Dr.Shehla brought out the fact that Hypothyroidism cannot be cured but it can be treated and can be completely controlled in most people. Starting your day with a pill can keep you on your feet for the rest of the day and you can live your life to the fullest.

Checklist of Do's and Don't 

Do consult your doctor if any of the above symptoms are experienced.
Do take proper medication as suggested by the doctor.
Do adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep the weight in check.
Do not skip your medicine.
Do not make any changes in dosage or medicine without doctor's consent.
Do not forget the old saying “Health is wealth" and stay positive at all times. 

You can count your blessings if you aren't the one suffering from this disorder. It can take a toll on the sufferer's physical and emotional well-being. However a support of near and dear ones along with the above guidelines can help one cope up with this hormonal imbalance and lead to a good life. 

       "ThyroweightkoJaldipehchanoaur life khulkeJiyo"


'Disclaimer: I attended a discussion on thyroid awareness facilitated by Abbott India Limited. Any opinion expressed in this blog is my personal opinion and not the opinion of Abbott India Limited. Abbott India Limited does not assume any liability for the content of the blog. The blog post is not meant to be a replacement for a doctor consultation, nor is it a medical recommendation or prescription of treatment for people having thyroid problems. Any reader of this blog suffering from thyroid problems should specifically consult his/her doctor for the same and follow the suggested course of treatment.'

Monday, 26 February 2018

Tips to consider before buying yourself a new family car

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To own a car someday is like every child's dream. But when it comes to practically buying, it can be a tough decision for the family to settle for that one particular that suits their requirements the best. Moreover, the decision requires financial commitment over a period of time and hence needs planning and guidance. Most people buy cars on loans from banks or financial institutions, it's vital that we do enough research before we zero in on the final car of our dreams. 

Have you been thinking of purchasing a perfect car for your family but haven't been able to conclude which one to go for? You aren't alone there, Many first time buyers undergo this confusion of selecting the car that would suffice their needs and fall under the desired budget. One such place is cars.com that can help you with all your car related queries and needs.

Well, Investing in a decent family car is an important decision and it should not be taken in a haste. With the availability of several brands and manufacturers in the market, a well-researched buyer is always at a benefit than the ones who often get carried away by the well-rehearsed script of the salesman. 

Here are few factors that can be considered while making your car purchase -

Family size

The Family requirement of a car might differ depending on the family size and their travel plans. A diesel car might be an expensive buy as compared to the petrol car, however, if the family requires traveling long distances, spending few extra bucks at the time of purchase might pay them in the long run.


Affordability is another important factor that needs consideration. A car budget might differ for people depending on their income and expenses. Narrowing down on a list of cars that one is interested in as per the use and budget will make the purchase less tasking. A well-calculated installment plan can help choose the right car without going overboard.

Security and other features 

Buying an old car isn't a bad idea either provided it's done with proper testing and research to ensure the car is in a good state. Even while going for a brand new car, it's advisable to focus on the security features, engine capacity and other essential details instead of getting lured by the fancy features. Some of the adequate features to look for in your family car would be the electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes that prevent the wheels from locking and the safety controls such as motion detectors. These will ensure security for your family while on the wheels.

Test drive

Never consider buying a car unless you have taken it out on the roads for a test drive. Many things can only be experienced while you are at the steering wheels. Once you have checked the interior for proper leg room, seat adjustments, storage space, mirror visibility, etc. It's time to test the other controls that will help you gauge how well the car handles the bumps and the brakes and your comfort level with the features installed.

Insurance and Warranties 

Checking on the car insurance policies and the warranties offered by the dealer is another crucial factor that will ensure you to protect your asset in the long run. A well-negotiated deal can get you a suitable replacement for your essential parts within good five long years and some extended warranties and initial services that can go a long way in smooth functioning of your newly bought car.

Do not hesitate to say no or walk away if you aren't ready yet for your final purchase. Checking with the other dealers always help clear your doubts if not convinced enough with the present dealer. If that doesn't help either get all the help, you need at cars.com a one-stop solution for all your car related queries.

                               "She's not just four wheels and engine, She's home" 
"Memories we have made in our perfect family car"

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

A complete mosquito protection for your family

As a mother, keeping my family hale and hearty is the priority that I choose over everything else. Falling sick and succumbing to illnesses can take away all the fun and laughter that a family looks forward to enjoying together. 

Another thing that can be highly annoying and spoil the moment is mosquito bites. For some, these might be just a little insect with wings but for us it has always been a topic of concern. A single mosquito in the room can be quite frightening especially for my husband and son who are more prone to insect bites. From the time I have had my baby, even a sight of a mosquito around him would get me worried. Inspite of trying everything possible I would feel helpless when I would find red, sore and swollen bumps of mosquito bites over his body.

Protecting him against other illnesses like seasonal flu, cold & cough was still manageable but protecting him from mosquito bites came as the biggest challenge to me.

Moreover, with the mosquito borne deseases on the rise, its although more important to escape ourselves from getting bitten by mosquitoes that can cause much more harm than expected by transferring various viruses in our blood stream. Earlier we would fear mosquito bites only during the evenings, however with the deadly diseases like Dengue and Chikungunya, any amount of mosquito prevention isn't enough. 

Staying indoors is never an option when they grow up a little and are on the move constantly. Moreover, children need to step outdoors into the fresh air for their physical growth and development. I would fear sending him outdoors as each time he would return with a big swollen itchy spot on his forehead, cheeks, hands and legs that would worsen the very next day and turn into painful blisters.

Over the years of experience I realised awareness is the key. There are many ppl who aren't even aware of the facts that lead to mosquito breeding sites. For some it's not even a cause of concern but at the same time there are many who dread the mosquito bites and its effects that can lead to life threatening diseases.

Taking the right preventive measures can go a long way when it comes to reducing the existence of this flying bug that can lead to most dreadful diseases than just itchy bites. The most effective way of dealing with mosquito problems is by preventing it from breeding. Here's the to do list that will help reduce mosquitoes.

Checklist to Mosquito Prevention 

  1. Keeping the surroundings clean and dry must be the priority as they breed in moist weather and places. 
  2. Regular spraying and fogging of insecticides in and around the society will lead in reducing their number.
  3. Timely trimming of grass, weeds and bushes in the parks and surroundings can help reduce the mosquitoes.
  4. Getting rid of unused bins, bottles, pots etc that can collect water and make for the breeding spot for mosquitoes. 
  5. Avoiding standing water sites and leakages that can lead to water accumulation.
  6. Draining, covering and changing water more frequently can help us avoid mosquito breeding.
  7. Ensuring the doors, windows and other openings in the house are well shielded with net and screens to avoid their entry in the house.
  8. Also planting few herbs and mosquito-repelling flowers like peppermint, basil, rosemary, Marigold, garlic can keep mosquitoes away.

With above preventive measures the problems related to Mosquitoes can be dealt with to a great extent. However few habits that's a part of our lifestyle now plays an important role in preventing mosquito bites for our family either indoors or during travel.

 Checklist of habits to prevent mosquito bites

  1. Wearing light coloured and loose clothing that covers the most part of the body is a great way to prevent ourselves from mosquito bites.
  2. Staying indoors as much as possible especially during dawn and dusk is another way to avoid mosquitoes. As they prefer to feed at this time and for few hours after dark. 
  3. Use of mosquito net while sleeping and window screens can be another way to keep us from mosquito bites.
  4. Avoid scented cosmetics and bathing products as it hasa fragrance that attracts mosquitoes leading to itchy and infectious bites.
  5. And the most importantly, Use mosquito repellent that's safe and does not have side effects on the body. 

Now that we know the different ways of preventing mosquito bites, It's important that we choose the mosquito repellent that's safe yet effective for our family. 

Good knight is one of the most efficient and reliable names that's been taking complete care of my family for years. Loaded with the goodness of pure essential oils and eight hours protection, Good knight is natural and 100% safe mosquito repellent machine. The dual mode (Normal / Active) feature provides normal to double protection with Good knight Active+ machines. India's most trusted liquid repellent can be seen at doctor's clinics and hospitals proving to be the best choice for one and all with great mosquito repellent reviews. With its all round protection property Good knight's mosquito killer can be left on even during the day causing no harm to the members of the family ensuring they enjoy their happy moments to the fullest.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Why should you take up the #YesChallenge

During the initial days of motherhood, I found a study that said that the average toddler hears the word 'NO' about 400 times a day! This came as a big shock and I took note of it and decided that I would make sure that I didn't turn into a NO mum.

However, in no time I came back to saying No for reasons only a mother could understand. Guess, the instinct to protect our children comes naturally to mothers. Looking at my child get sick with every seasonal change got me scared and worried for his well-being. I then, took every possible measure and every suggestion that came my way just to ensure my little baby doesn't fall sick often.

I found that all of a sudden, I started being over protective and it started to reflect in my daily life and parenting style. Here I was saying NO at every act that I thought could cause him a health hazard. From ice creams, juices, outside food, stepping out in monsoons, avoiding crowded places and much more... Every precaution that would keep him from falling sick was instantly taken. Little did I know that my fearful and over cautious behaviour was being passed on to my little toddler causing him to miss the little pleasures of his growing up years. Enter the #YesMom movement…

I happened to see this video where I could see my reflection in this mother who intended to shield her kiwith the best of intentions come to realise that her No's have caused a big damage to her child's mind, as kids feel left out, and restricted and have accepted it as the way of life. 

The video happened to be a reality check for me, I realised my overly-concerned behaviour towards my child is actually limiting his freedom. A child is best raised when he is let free without restrictions and is left to explore the world. 

It came as a shock to me that my No is actually doing more harm than good and limiting my child's social growth and imagination. I began to question myself- “Am I telling my kid indirectly, that he isn’t safe in my environment, my own surroundings, among my own people? 

Isn't childhood all about stepping outdoors, playing in mud and getting dirty? As parents, we love our children and look out for their safety but it should not be at the cost of limiting their curiosity and stealing their childhood of fun and excitement.

I realised a simple YES can make a world of difference in child's confidence and behaviour. 

Here's why I choose to be a #YesMom and take up the #YesChallenge and you should too!

• Yes is an affirmation and it gives a sense of opportunity when used while dealing with day to day situations with kids. 

• We, mothers, have to let go of the fear of protecting our children and set them free in the world so they get to explore and experience life- the good and the bad.

• Replacing our No's with YES's boosts the child's confidence and encourages them to take risks and be a fighter, in the best possible sense of the word.

• Yes as an answer definitely strengthens the child and gives wings to their imagination and increases their curiosity. I believe their decision-making skills will improve as a result as they can gauge situations better.

• Children are more social and learn to make healthy relations with friends/peers.

• And most importantly, the word NO doesn't lose its effectiveness when used seldom,and in situations when it's really needed. 

It's been my greatest learning as a mother so far and I take up the #YesChallenge and promise to give my child the best childhood memories that he would cherish forever. While I take up the challenge I have also taken a proactive step to build my kid’s immunity, something that keeps worrying me. So I have started giving my kid ActivKids Immuno Boosters by Cipla. It comes in an interesting choco-bite format which provide upto 100% RDA of key Immunity nutrients. I urge all the mothers to come join the movement and give our children the best childhood we can. Mums, reading this, be sure to share this article and video with other mums along with your #YesChallenge story. Together we can welcome a whole new style of parenting and a unique approach to build our kid’s immunity