Sunday, 26 July 2015

Lets talk Fashion

Fashion is a way of life and we all wanna live it in style ... Then what is it that stops us from trying different looks when it comes to dressing up... Well there is no doubt that we all shy away from trying anything that's new in the fashion industry and seek an adviser .. Either a friend or someone who knows you well to ensure we don't become a laughing stock of town... That little advise, a suggestion, a complement takes us a long way in assuring our sense of confidence when it comes to fashion or styling...
So here I am to give you all that you need when it comes to Styling yourself and stay in fashion... So drop your inhibitions and treat your self like a fashionista...

Today I am gonna take you to the fashion world of Shirt Dresses... We have been wearing shirts from ages... But who would have ever thought of wearing it as a dress minus the pants/ trousers... Well that's the kind of revolution we are witnessing in the fashion industry today and its being accepted and experimented by the fashionistas all over the world...

Here's one of my favourite styles of this season that's cool, comfy, stylish and suits all the occasions be it a party, a get together, a Sunday brunch or an evening extravaganza with the man you love...

All you need to do is style your tresses differently keeping in mind if its a morning or an evening look and accessorize with a chunk of matching jewelry to add that extra spark to your appearance .... 

The latest trend and one of my favourites this season the SHIRT DRESS is grabbing the eyeballs all  around...It's not only rocking the streets in newyork but are also seen by Bollywood celebrities flaunting it at formal events as well as casually on streets...So Its time you throw away your bottoms and flaunt your sexy legs to be the talk of the town...

Check out these pics for yourself to know how Hollywood wears the latest fashion...  the Shirt Dress...

Isn't it so cool and comfortable at the same time when it comes to stepping out in the scorching heat of Mumbai .. and whats better time than the monsoons to keep it short and chic to avoid getting dirty on the streets.. Next time you wanna step out in style take a tip or two from these hot and sexy ladies..

For the ones who are still in doubt are some pics from Bollywood for you to get inspired by one of your favourite actresses to wear the shirt dress in style ....Take a look..

I am sure by now most of you who haven't tried their hands at one these looks would definitely be yearning to get into a shirt dress and steal the limelight or surprise your friends with your latest hot and trendy look...

For little more inspiration for those who are already smitten by this look ...Here's how I flaunted the shirt dress recently...Tried to keep it little formal... keeping in mind you already have the casual looks
showcased by the celebrities above ....

I hope these looks would surely make you go another step further with this fashion trend and add that extra oomph factor to your style.... 

A quick tip for those who just wanna jump off their beds and get into a pair of shirt dress but don't wanna spend big.. Pick one of your favourite shirts from your  boys/spouses wardrobe and get going... Trust me you will grab a complement or two ...while on the way.. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

Is the word International a marketing gimmick for schools?

Selection of school for a child's education is another challenge that every parent has to go through.. starting from play group to a higher level, Finding a school of your choice is an ordeal.

If we look at last ten yrs.. There is no doubt about the fact that number of schools have increased in the city and more so there are separate schools for toddlers to initiate the pre primary education, but it still doesn't fulfil the need of education for all the kids out there..

The times have come when you have to register for admissions as soon as the kid turns 2 or three yrs else you are late for admissions.. And you are refused a seat. That's the kind of competition we parents are dealing with today.

Forget getting admissions in colleges and schools for higher studies... I am talking of the kids who are yet to enter the world of education... The toddlers and above..

Competition has become a part of everyday life, not that we aren't accustomed to it ... But it get on to our nerves when something as basic and important as education sounds like a burden because of the monopoly of schools and its privatisation.

My concern is why getting an admission in most of the city schools is like fighting a loosing battle? Education being the prime right of every child.

More so, after every schools coming up with the International tag has made it worst for the parents to
take a call and decide the child's education.

Is the International tag all about paying big bucks and sending your kid to an ultra model building with all the luxuries available? 

Are we talking of education here or sending our kids to enjoy the luxuries of life which he might not experience at home?

Apart from the international tag, the new introduced boards have added to the confusion.... Be it IGCSE or IB

Didn't we already have enough boards to decide from? 

if people feel existing boards are not superior enough then why not scrap and introduce one board
that's best for all.

Well there is another angel I have heard and read about international schools. School authorities justify by saying those kids who study from international schools adapt to the western culture well
and get admissions in universities abroad.

My counter question is .. Were Indian students not going abroad in past or were they not getting
admissions in their universities before. I have always heard Indian education system is so well
designed that Indian kids are always demanded by companies abroad... If I may truly admit ...all my school friend today are settled abroad in various countries and doing great. They studied Indian boards CBSE/ ICSE  that's always been there.

For a moment if I give up on my argument and agree that international boards are the best, why such 
high fee? Are you charging parents for the education and knowledge you are imparting or is it the 
for the interior designing and the amenities at school?

Who needs a lounge in school for kids to sit and read? Are we not creating differences in kids mind by providing them a five star treatment? Are we teaching them the value for money or is it all about show world?

Are we parents not doing good enough to live a decent life, with our Indian education system?

Schools and education has become a business and a money making racket. Today schools define its value by counting on the facilities they are providing... Like swimming pools, zymnazium, horse riding and what not.

Studies have taken a backstage and the focus is merely on how much can they sell the other stuff to charge more. 

All schools have toppers and mediocres, it can never be guaranteed by the school and its authorities to produce all top grades.

One must not forget the child blossoms even in the most ordinary schools ... What matters is the right guidance and support of a great teacher, who inspires you to think.

Another question is the schools who are boosting of their international curriculum.. Are their teachers trained abroad in their respective boards?
No, these are the same teachers who have studied CBSEand ICSE .. Who are being trained and are
asked to adapt and stick to their new curriculum.

Some argue saying that international board is easy for kids who aren't able to cope with the above
two boards.. i.e, CBSE/ICSE

So are you paying that hefty amount for a kid whose supposedly weaker than the rest... Or is it the new International curriculum that's weaker? 

I would like to ask everyone, are these kids from different schools and board going to face different
set of questions according to their respective boards, when it comes to competitions after 12th std?

If the answer is no... Then why do we have all this confusion, when eventually we are all preparing 
our kids for the same platform. 

Indian education authorities have not even accepted the international curriculum as a part of their Education system and has no subsequent plans ahead for these kids in our country. It's recognition is only acknowledged in universities abroad, which can lead in hampering the child's dreams if for some reason he/she fails to get admissions abroad and will b compelled to study in an institution with others from Indian boards.

Many schools are not even recognised by the  respective boards and lack the credentials and norms to
call it an international school, however adding international tag is paying them immensely. The schools are same, Teachers are same but just one word international is heavy enough to pull in the money from people's pockets.

I am a parent, I have dreams for my child too... I want best education for him to do well in life ... But I refuse to be a victim of this marketing strategy or a gimmick many schools have started.

I strongly believe in a conducive learning environment any child can excel, all we need are basic
requisites for learning and a guiding force for them to show the right path, luxuries at this stage will
not only block their vision but also divert their attention towards comfort and a relaxed attitude.

Don't promise our kids a foreign trip and lure them to unnecessary adventures.. Let the parent decide for a family holiday rather. 

Focus on making the education system better and and the way of imparting knowledge a superior, rather then selling education in the name of international and other luxuries.

Standardise education in all schools, focus on improvising easy and creative ways of teaching to ensure Indian kids shine bright nationally as well as internationally.

Introduce yoga and instill our value system in our future generations to enrich our culture. Enforce
positive attitude  and focus on  personality development while they are young. The soft skills are a complete miss from our Eductaion system... That can be worked on to ensure we produce the best of students all around the world. 

We don't need international to sell education, we need a complete package that works on all the attributes of child's education and grow into an independent, knowledgeable and confident individual.

That should be the motive of education and since its every child's right to seek education ... It should have a well planned and calculated fee structure, which is economical for the parents to bear  instead of  burdening them. No one should be allowed to go overboard in  order to sell his institute and create disparity in the name of education among kids as well as parents.

Reviving the art of appreciation

Kids become not what we want them to but what we are to them. It won't be wrong to say that kids in most cases are just the mirror image of their parents. From the time they are born till the age of six, they have a great sense of observation and their ability to imitate helps them learn and adapt to the world.

Kids are best at learning new things because of their curious nature and ability to get accustomed. Inspite of being blessed with such miraculous inner strength and will..

Why do some kids lag behind when it comes to their confidence and self esteem ??

One thing that can cause hinderance in their learning can be a fear of failure and Parents lack of
patience and support.

We all need a boost irrespective of our age or task we are trying to achieve. To get the best in a child or an adult is to show confidence in whatever milestones they are trying to reach..and that needs lots
of boost of morale through the words of appreciation and encouraging behaviour.


Many a times we as parents fail to understand their way of doing things differently  ...we end up forgetting they are at this tender age that's far from perfection... Infact the beauty of this age is they never give up...and their curious minds help them learn from mistakes over and over again...

Appreciation is the key word in parenting. We must not forget to appreciate the efforts put by our
little ones....whatsoever may be the end result. The kids who are appreciated time and again and see a
positive response from their parents inspite of failures... end up becoming the most confident children
and keep the courage to try different challenges in life.

Few words of appreciation can do wonders not only for your kids but also helps build a bond  between a child and the parent.

After years of togetherness ... We even forget to appreciate our partners and their achievements or
may be little things about them ...which once brought them closer... Infact those little things that go unnoticed now are the biggest reasons of  distance and monotony between the partners.

I simply feel we all yearn for appreciation in any form it work, looks, personality or just a thought... a word of appreciation or a simple complement can make you feel so much worth it. It makes you feel that your efforts have been noticed and the thought gives a boost to ones mood and
brings joy and pride.

We want to be appreciated in all spheres of life in different roles we play ....Be it at work, at home, as a mother, father or more....

What restricts us from appreciating not just others but ourselves too??

We become so consumed by our own fixed thoughts, ideas, reactions, behaviours that we stop bothering about others feelings, emotions and needs does others. In order to like and appreciate others one must be sensitive to others needs n open-hearted...many people envy when it comes to seeing others in a better place than them..

Infact this unhealthy competitive spirit is neither going to be appreciated by others nor its gonna do any good to us.

We must learn and practice this art of appriciation in our daily lives it with our kids, family
friends or even enemies...Hahahah (might turn them into friends)

I revived this long forgotten art when I became a mother..and felt the need of being appreciated for my own efforts... I gradually realised that appreciating my chid for the simplest of things he tried doing made a huge difference in his approach towards learning...and added to the fun.

Why is it so easy to appreciate a child but not an adult??

A child's innocence makes us spill our heart out and we can't keep ourselves from showing our love in abundance... as we get more in return, regardless of any ego and expectancy... However our expectations vary when it comes to an adult and we choose to ignore the fact that there is a room for appreciation.

Appreciation is an art that needs to be practiced with our friends, family and ourselves too as it doesn't come easy.. Our kids will pick this art by watching us do it everyday and will remain grateful life long for giving that extra sense of realisation and expression through gratitude.

The most beautiful thing about Appreciation is it works both ways ...We can.. not only bring a smile to others but to ourselves too it feels equally gud to compliment others as it feels to be complimented.

So let's get addicted to this life changing tool and uplift someone's mood and make their day... People will treasure fond memories forever.Simple things like love,  kindness, grace and gratitude can go a long way in making this world a beautiful place to be ...

Spread positivity among young ones through praise and recognition.. It's the only way to bring out the best in kids. A positive enforcement of ideas along with little words of appreciation not only teaches them to value what they are today but also gives them an extra sense of confidence and trust that they can take over the world tommorow.

Are you raising a helpless or an independent child?

Times have changed and so are the ways of Parenting. Thanks to the fast paced life especially in metros...where youngsters look for all the reasons to escape from Marriage. Even when they are finally tied into this relationship with the pressures from friends and family ....they run away from the responsibility of becoming parents and avoid it as long as they can until they again fall prey to the pressures of family and society.

Due to the changing lifestyle, Most of the couples choose to become parents at a later stage and at times with difficulty too... That's one reason they become so protective and sensitive that they don't even realize when they start shielding their kids. They become so habitual of restricting their kids and impose their ways of doing things that they do more harm than good by not allowing child to function independently.

Parents unknowingly get into the way of anything and everything that leads to a child's it social skills, his creativity or his self confidence.

Is that what we call overprotective or hypersensitive parents ?
Well, we all love and care about our kids...and panic too when the situation calls for but there are many parents who want to protect their kids even when there is no harm around... What I am trying to say is for instance if a kid is playing in a ground ...they are repeatedly instructed not to play in the sand, not to get dirty, not to get hurt and so on.... Enforcing too many No's & Don't's lead to overprotection and hampers childs confidence to be able to do anything by himself. Such parents constantly shadow their kids and direct their behaviour so much so that they end up deciding their friends too.

Isn't falling n getting little bruises a part of growing up ?...

Where are the days when our parents let us free in the fields and brought us up rough & tough.

It's not what you do for your children but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings. Ann Landers 
Over concerned parents diminish the child's growth mentally, which in turn effects their thinking and decision Making abilities.

Then what's the right way to do it ?

The best way to see your kids learn and grow is to let them free... More than anything else they want a go-ahead to try different challenges in day today life... Nothing is more thrilling for them to be able to do things they see others do with ease.. Our mere presence for them is the assurance as well a protection that they need from parents.

World is a scary place to be and how can we let these little kids be on their own?
The best way to deal with all your worries as a parent is to make your kid aware of the little realities of life...and educate them of what can help them in situations that are not so safe as home.

I made my four years old remember my mobile number by letting him dial through the landline and spoke to him for fun. But I had never imagined this fun would one day turn out to be the biggest learning for him ...

It was a sunday evening, I decided to take my son to a near by mall... While returning as we stepped out, he lost my sight watching other kids play and was in complete distress as he couldn't place me anywhere ...I also walked ahead thinking he is right behind me. Just after few steps I turned to hold his hands as I was nearing the main road ...I was taken aback when I didn't see him around... I ran back in a flash looking out for him, when I get a call on my phone... Usually I don't pick unknown numbers ... N especially in a rush I didn't want to but something clicked and I answered the my surprise a man called saying are you ronnie's mother?...he is with me.

Totally baffled I rushed back in haste and spotted my son wailing out of anxiety ...I immediately held him n broke down in tears ... Though I quickly regained my composer to calm him down and took a sigh of relief.

This unanticipated episode not just left me perplexed but was also an awakening call for me. The thought what if he didn't know my number kept reminding me how I needed to make conscious effort of making my child independent. I couldn't have been more proud of my little baby's presence of mind and brave act.. He not only remembered my number but also had the courage to walk up to someone and ask for help in a situation of distress ...

This was the day when I realised kids are smarter than we think... Many times we make a mistake of treating them like kids and don't pay attention to their thoughts and ideas but not to forget they are young minds of 21st century who can give a run for money to many people with their sharp brains.

We must share all important information to make them aware of what can happen and how can they safe guard themselves.

We can't be with and around them 24/7 ..its always advisable to share with them what if something unexpected happens ... How can they deal with it or seek someone's help. Make them aware of the surroundings, the names of the places, your address, the route back home from near by places ect. Kids remeber what they are told, the general talks we share while travelling or at home can lead them to learn many facts of life.

Age is no bar for knowledge and learning. In fact kids learn faster than adults and moreover some of the greatest learnings have not been taught in school but were the mistakes made by few. The most important thing that we as parents can give our kids would be the freedom to think, act and speak.

This leads to kids being more responsible and confident in situations as they know they are not helpless...