Thursday, 15 December 2016

Babies are special but so are Mothers!

Motherhood is indeed the most beautiful roles of all, a women plays in her life. A woman goes through many pleasant/ unpleasant experiences and challenge physically as well as emotionally through this stage of life. 

Once the baby arrives, the whole attention, love, care and affections shifts to the new born. All a mother does is ensures to provide the best to the newly arrived bundle of joy in every possible way... while she is busy all day long to fulfill the needs of the newly born, She tends to neglect herself and her needs as the baby takes the priority over hers. However, a mother needs equal care and attention post pregnancy too as she goes through a lot of stress and fear along with an added responsibility of taking care of the baby completely.

The stage is set for the launch of "Himalaya for Moms"

Himalaya, a leading home grown wellness brand understands that "Babies are special and so mare Mothers". Mothers need taking care of too is the heartfelt realisation by Himalaya and thus they launched a range of Himalaya FOR MOMSIndias first herbal range of personal care products especially for mums for pre and post natal care.

Himalaya brings along the trust and the science of Ayurveda with its products that been trusted for centuries. This is the first time a baby care brand has gone beyond the regular and thought of the person who is entirely responsible for the baby care and deserves to be treated equally. Himalaya's out of the box thinking has hugely been appreciated by mums. 

I was one of the lucky mums to have been invited to their official launch where I not only witnessed but experienced the newly launched range of Himalaya For MOMS.

In conversation with Mansi Zaveri of  Kidsstoppress 

We all go through physical changes in our bodies during and post pregnancy and it's a scientifically proven fact that fragrances plays a vital role in soothing and calming the mind and serves as a mood regulator and helps in de-stressing. Keeping in mind the above facts Himalaya FOR MOMS range come in different fragrances Rose, Lavender and Jasmine with each having calming effects on skin, body and mind when it comes to rejuvenating our senses and uplifting our moods.

Ms. Poornima Shankar, In-House R&D scientist 

Ms. Poornima Shankar, In-House R&D scientist shared some great insight on how these herbs work wonders for our senses and takes away the pain and stress out of our bodies while relaxing the muscles. She also emphasisedthe brand comprises of natural, safe, effective, gentle and clinically tested products for expecting and new mums.

Himalaya FOR MOM is India’s first herbal range of personal care products for mums, for pre and post-natal care, infused with the power of herbs and natural ingredients, bringing together the therapeutic properties of herbs and science of aromatherapy.

To help mums with their journey of motherhood and make their experience healthier, smoother and more relaxing, Himalaya organised an experiential soirée for mommy bloggers - "Because You Need Taking Care of Too" and gave them a hands on experience of their newly launched products. 

Moms in discussion with Mansi Zaveri over Himalaya for Moms range

The evening was dedicated to all the mums who deserveto be taken care of too. The products were showcased along with the herbs and ingredients for all to have the feel and touch of Indian herbs that goes into the making of these products, keeping it natural and superior from the rest. Himalaya created distinguished experiential zones aligned with variants of the product range Each zone was crafted aesthetically to bring out the natural essence of the herbs.

Asthetically decorated Venue for the Launch of "Himalaya for MOMS"

The beautifully decorated venue made the place so ideal for mums to indulge in conversations and share memories that are closest to their hearts. Mothers felt totally pampered when Himalaya made the evening even more special by treating moms like never before and pampering them with foot spa, pedicure, manicure with their newly launched body butter and to top it all was the unexceptional experience of nail art arranged for lovely 

Himalaya arranged experiential soirée for mommy bloggers -Because "Mothers need taking care of too" 

The Himalaya FOR MOMS products are formulated keeping in mind the safety of the mother as well as the baby and the products are enriched with the goodness of herbs like lavender, cocoa butter and aloe Vera.

The product range includes ‘Soothing body butter’, ‘Toning Massage Oil’, an ‘Anti-rash cream’ and a ‘Nipple Care butter’ catering to specific requirements of pre and post-natal skin care needs such as dryness, soreness and skin rashes. Himalaya will be introducing more products under this range in the coming year!

The newly launched range of "Himalaya for MOMS"

Himalaya FOR MOMS promises to make every mothersjourney of motherhood more beautiful, smoother and extra special.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pampers - 'It Takes 2' focuses on Inclusive Parenting

Pampers has been caring for the world's babies for more than half a century and in turn has grown to become one of the biggest brands of P&G's. Pampers take great care in developing products that benefit babies all over the world. Their commitment and dedication towards bringing up happy and healthier baby has inspired them to launch its latest campaign "IT TAKES 2" highlighting the importance of inclusive parenting and the role it plays in a baby's holistic development.

The whole idea behind this campaign "IT TAKES 2" again lies in the interest of babies at the core. The thought that 'involvement of both the mother and the father in baby chores is essential for the cognitive, social as well as emotional development of the baby' is primarily the purpose of the campaign.

The survey held with 432 parents during the campaign "It Takes 2" brought out some startling facts on parental behaviour.

97% moms believe that IT TAKES 2 to raise a happy, healthy child.

97% doctors believe involvement of both the parents is a must for baby's development.

90% moms want their husbands to be more involved in Baby Care.

88% moms agree that their husbands hesitate to change diapers.

The most shocking facts of all that says "88% dads believe that baby chores primarily need only the moms involvement" needed an instant action to break away the social stigma attached with men taking up baby care duties.

In order to bring in the change in our society and break the stereotype, Pampers held a bloggers meet along with the panel of experts that lead to an insightful discussion on the significance of inclusive Parenting, scientific facts and their personal experiences of baby care.

Miss Banu Ismail, Psychologist, Child Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst emphasised 'the role of a father helps to separate the symbiotically bonded mother infant pair and provide emotional support to the mother who can in turn emotionally support the baby'. She also said there are evidences that suggests that fathers are biologically no less sensitive to infant signals than mothers.

Research suggests that on an average "the presence of an active, nurturing father is likely to be beneficial to many aspects of a child's development".

Dr. Avinash De Sousa, Consultant Psychiatrist and psychotherapist said, "Both parents play a vital role in the growth and development of a child. It is their 'presence' which is far more important than their 'presents'. The touch and warmth of both the parents develops a strong bond between parents and toddler in early years of growing up and stays forever".

He also emphasised, In this era of globalisation and digital lifestyle, TIME is an important investment that parents need to make for an over all development of a child.

Pampers also demonstrated its Pampers Premium Care Pants
that are so soft & dry that your baby will hardly notice them. These pants come with an all around soft waist band and great dryness feature that absorbs wetness and leaves the pants dry for 12 hours. Infused with baby lotion it protects the baby skin from irritation, redness & nappy rashes and has a unique feature called wetness indicator that turns yellow to blue indicating parents that it's time to change.

These unique pair of Premium Care Pants makes it easy to change the baby's diaper even for fathers who hesitate to do so. Also 86% moms feel changing a diaper can help fathers bond with their babies in a great way.

The prime focus of the event was to change the perception among men and women in our society when it comes to parenting. It takes 2 to make a baby and therefore it takes 2 to raise a baby. It was a great interactive meet where mommy bloggers came up with different perspectives and shared their personal experiences and how their husbands involvement made life so much easier and took the pressure off them.

We have come a long way when it comes to fathers involvement in parenting. More and more fathers are coming forward and willing to share the baby chores. Though it comes naturally to mothers, fathers need to go an extra mile to learn to do few things that they hesitate to do out of fear for the baby.

Moreover it's the Indian society that needs to change the way we bring up babies. Many a times it's looked down upon men who want to help their wives in baby chores. The social stigma that our society carries about men doing the dirty job of cleaning up the mess and being engaged in child care duties need a new perspective.

The mindset has to change and the owners lies on all the moms who are raising boys to ensure they are taught to do anything and everything that a girl child can do. When it comes to taking responsibility they shouldn't step back rather take it up with pride.

I am sure this great campaign rather a movement #ItTakes2 by Pampers in association with mycity4kids will bring a very positive change in our society and the way men look at parenting.

So, here I suggest " A Happy, Healthy Baby Needs Both Ma &Pa"

*The article is previously published at mycity4kids 

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Best For Baby - Parenting in digital times

Parenting has evolved over the years. The way we were raised by our parents is not the same anymore to today's parents. However the anxiety and fear of a first time mothers still remains the same. The only difference one can see is .... earlier kids were born in joint families with each member involved in the upbringing of the child with some role to play whereas today kids are born entirely in the presence of mother, father and a doctor. Long before the joy of a new born sinks in... the clueless mother is already burdened with the fear of what to do and how to do?

To address all the worries of a first time mom and dads, Johnson & Johnson chose to go digital in order to provide instant solutions to todays parents by bridging in the gap of few generations that lies with our parents and grandparents.

Johnson & Johnson have always acted as a shield to protect babies and has been there as a promising brand for decades. They have always tried to come up with better than the best and have been innovative in their search for products related to babies.

The latest feather in the cap was added by a recent launch of their You Tube channel that serves as a hands on guide for new parents. Here's the link for all the new moms on the block to subscribe and say goodbye to all their worries and sleepless nights.

The launch took place few weeks back and was a celebrity studded event with the panel of experts who shared the stage and contributed in their own way to make parenting and motherhood a less taxing affair for new mothers and eventually turning the whole experience of raising a baby much more relaxing and fun.

The event kickstarted with Ganesh Bangalore, J&J all Indian head, who shared Johnsons vision for Best for Babies and how it would make parenthood an enjoyable experience for both first time mums and dads.

The You Tube India Head, Satya Raghavan focused on the need of reliable and good content to make life easier for todays generation of parents. Many of us aren't lucky enough to have our parents or in laws to help us with their experience in the hour of need. Many a times we are loaded with too much information from friends and relatives and it adds on to our worries as we aren't sure which one to rely on. According to him a you tube content by a reliable source would help resolve many such confusions and would give a practical solution through visuals to our babies day today needs.

Cynosure of all eyes was the ravishing Lara dutta, a popular Bollywood celebrity who unveiled the You Tube Chanel with a lovely video of a first time mum sharing her challenges of raising a new born. Lara's experience of motherhood wasn't any easier irrespective of her celebrity status. She took us through her journey of raising her 4yr old daughter that was no less than a roller coaster ride.

Dr. Indu khosla, a renowned pediatrician and past President IAP, Mumbai shared her days of motherhood and how it was tacky at times to be a mother first and not a doctor. She brought to light some major issues thats on a rise among today's kids with changing lifestyle and working parents. Lack of sleep and screen time for as young as 2 yrs are causing major hinderance in children's growth and social skills. She insisted "striking a balance" is the need of the hour for parents.

Ruchita Dhar Shah, the founder of FMC pointed out it takes a village to raise a child and it's time we take the pressure off the moms. Mothers are always being judged irrespective of their best efforts. We need not just fathers but the whole family to come forward and do that extra bit to ensure healthy parenting.

The Co- founder of Mycity4kids, Prashant Sinha rightly said now a days the role of a father has gone beyond what was expected few years back and in today's times most fathers are actively involved in raising a child when it comes to parenting including himself.

Naiyya Saggi, Baby Chakra Founder also shared her views on how parenting is evolving with changing times and a step like a Chanel launch by J&J can bring in a big difference to every parents experience.

It was a pleasure to have been invited to an awesome event by one of the biggest online parenting platform mycity4kids that has always gone an extra mile to give its readers a vivid experience through their blogs.

I walked back home with an enriching experience, fond memories of motherhood that brought back some of my own experiences along with an awesome gift hamper for my little one to get pampered by J&J.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Denim - My way of life!

"The beauty of denim is its versatility - you can feel comfortable and sexy"

One pair of clothing that's never gone out of fashion is "a pair of jeans". This is one essential pair of clothing after Unmentionables that rules everyone's wardrobe. You love it or you hate it but you just can't do without it. It's the kind of relationship I share with my pair of blue denims .

"Denim is a love that never fades"

You can be unlucky in love but the love one shares with their fav pair of jeans never fades away.. In fact it gets better with age. For me fashion comes later, what essentially comes first is comfort. Be it at home, family outings, formal meetings or just a day out with kids ... nothing keeps me away from my comfortable pair of jeans. Although it's comfortable and easy to pair up with almost everything never lets me down when it comes to looking great.

           Style #1- Comfy yet Stylish

One can play around with the same pair of jeans and still manage to look equally great when compared to other dressy outfits. Denim can make you look girly, sophisticated, rough & tough all at once. It's up to you to choose your own style and make it look versatile..

"Denim is not just a weekend basic, it's a fashion must" 

As the Friday rolls in we are already short of clothes and struggling to find what to wear? That's when the formula "when in doubt wear denim" comes to my rescue. Some one has rightly said "Give a girl the right jeans and she can conquer the world". So I quickly pull on my Low waist slim fit jeans and I am ready is roll.

Glam up your casual, distressed denim with a sheer beaded or sequinned tank to make it look effortlessly chic and glamorous. Top it up with a jacket or a cardigan when the temperature starts to drop. Girl next door style just got a whole lot sexier.

Style #2 - Glam up to a casual girl next door look 

"When in doubt wear denim"

This works for me almost at all occasions. When in doubt just "Go Classic" Pair up your blue jeans with a white shirt /T- shirt. One can never go wrong with this classy combination that's been chosen by the style icons over the years. Just a touch of denim in your outfit and there you go. .. be it a denim jacket, a denim belt or denim on denim ...It never fails to stand out.

Style #3 - Go Classic with white and blue 

"Make a statement in your pair of jeans"

One need not worry in a pair of denims as it complements whatever you pair it up with. If you own a pair of jeans ... You are good to go! All you need is some quick styling tips to make it look like a million bucks. A simple look can be transformed into a stunning diva just by adding some trendy accessories along with high heeled stilettos or pumps.

Style#4 - Keep it to minimal yet elegant

In order to get that classy yet simple look when we are in a dressing rut with no megastar budget in hand ... "Experimenting with the look is the key". I get lot of inspiration from celebrity dressing and add a dash of my personal flavour and it works wonders for me.

Just a white T shirt under a tailored jacket can look effortlessly rebellious when paired up with blue jeans and I so adore what Yves saint Laurent said "Jeans have expression, modesty, sex appeal and simplicity".

I like to keep it Low-key in a boyfriend button down and my favourite pair of jeans ... By keeping the look whole lot polished for possibly all the running around town and kids.

                                                           Style #5 - Everyday effortless look

These are the 5 ways of styling the same pair of well fitted jeans. Get inspired by these looks and make your own style and get going!

My fav jeans -" Low waist slim fit jeans" from Fbb

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Why is settling abroad a preferred choice for today's generation?

It isn't surprising to see parents theses days aspiring for their kids to settle abroad from the very young age. Indians are mesmerised by the west... Be it their culture, their lifestyle, the education or the employment opportunities. America and other developed countries have always been a dream land for Indians.

In Fact an individual settled abroad is considered anytime more successful than the one working in India irrespective of their company and position.

Why have Indians socially accepted settling abroad a better choice? 

A very honest answer to this question would be the quality of life. America provides its citizens a better quality of life in lesser money spent than by an Indian.

One's hard work and time is valued and respected. Citizens get value for their money and enjoy a peaceful luxurious life. Isn't that's how we all want to spent our lives...?

While US, UK is still a dream for many middle class Indians, The rich are fleeing the country in droves. The latest reports by wealth sector information consulting services reveals that as many as 61,000 millionaires have shifted base over high taxes and security concerns as well as better education opportunities for their children in last 14 years. Now we have reached a stage where almost every household has at least a member settled abroad. 

What drives Indians to leave our country and settle abroad?

The reasons are invariable and many....

1. The first and the foremost is the money factor and is the root cause for Indians moving abroad. India being one of the countries that produce highly skilled individuals when it comes to technology and innovation. However inspite of being educated and intelligent.... people miss out on right opportunities because their caliber is not recognised. People having degrees in abundance are still sitting jobless.

Whereas when it comes to countries like US and UK, they have a scarcity of highly skilled people. Being low populated countries... They value immigrants and especially Indians when it comes to their caliber and education.

2. Another very important reason is of course a high living standard. One can easily lead a good life even in lesser money most of us make in India. The transparency and well implemented system in place promises a good lifestyle and benefits for all its citizens.

3. Countries like America provides its citizens with many lucrative opportunities and packages as its the hub of multinational companies. Contrarily they have opportunities for less educated ones too.

4. Problems like unemployment, corruption and reservations are a big put off for well deserved Indians ... America certainly works as a solution for those who can afford to go abroad.

5. Many Indians move abroad as they feel safe and secure in law abiding countries, where the chances of mishappening during the day light is far lesser than in India.

6. Respect for every individual irrespective of their job and earning is another big reason that gives one a sense of freedom to pursue ones interest away from the pressures in India.

7. Not just the big factors like economy, lifestyle, job opportunities but at times the small factors like culture and peoples mindset can be the driving force for many who are looking out for a personal freedom from their Indian counterparts, family pressures and social boundaries.

The above reasons are good enough for youngsters looking for a better life to get enticed by foreign destinations like US, UK, Australia that tops the list followed by UAE and Singapore.

It's certainly a win win situation for families as well for youngsters who are settling abroad. It surely impacts the lifestyle of an Indian family who has a member earning abroad. Elderly parents whose kids are away from them can still lead a decent life
with the good monetary support that's provided from kids living abroad.

Inspite of all the pluses, I still feel it's a feeling of belongingness that is missed desperately in Indians living abroad. For any citizen to live in their own country provides a feeling of fulfilment and identity that is completely a miss as an NRI or a foreigner.

How much of talent can we afford to let go?

Aren't we losing out on some great businessmen, some great scientists, doctors, engineers and highly creative Indians who would have added to our economy and served our people instead of a foreign country?

Why can we not have an equally good education system in India?
Aren't we weakening our economy by investing our hard earned money in a foreign land ?

Moreover, Governments efforts to bring back the vast amounts of wealth accumulated abroad has been a failure. In fact the question of bringing back wealth doesn't arise when rich themselves are fleeing the country.

These are few questions and many more need to be answered before we Re- think our decisions and prefer to stay in our home land. 

Image courtesy: Google images

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Choosing School Accessories for Kids

Choosing a lunchbox and water bottle can be exciting for school going kids. With the variety of eye catching fancy looking products available in the market, at times it gets difficult to choose the right product that's safe and convenient for kids to use.

There are times when kids fall for attractive looking items with striking colors and characters but when it comes to lunch boxes and water bottles we can not afford to compromise on quality as the low quality plastic can be harmful for our little babies and they may be intaking chemicals along with the food through everyday use.

When it comes to food containers, Tupperware is the best bet. Needless to boost about this brand ... Cause it's one name that's been ruling the Indian kitchen in every household for years. I myself am a big addict of Tupperware and can blindly trust their products after the faith they have generated in all these years.

Just one look and feel of the product is enough to judge the awesome quality of this product. The smooth and firm plastic quality makes Tupperware safe and superior from the rest.

Here's what I have to say about the recently launched "Tupperware Dora Sandwich Keeper" which I feel is awesome and comes handy for packing sandwiches, pasta, salads and small snack items for school, picnics, classes and much more.

These wonderful containers are great for kids school lunches as it keeps the bread fresh for long hours while sustaining the foods texture and flavours.

These are pretty easy to unlock for little hands and keeps the food fresh and intact keeping moisture away.

What I liked most about these pretty looking sandwich keeper is that " The sandwiches need no wrapping and they come out as fresh and soft as they went in at lunch time."

These come in great colours and characters for girls as well for boys to keep them close to their fantasy world while they eat away their lunch.

These cute little sandwich keepers are fun for little ones to carry lunch to school or snacks to the park.

The guarantee that comes along with these lunch boxes makes it worth the money as they last longer than other similar products in the market.

They also keep food fresh for extended periods of time.

The super quality of the sandwich keeper is made safe to store food inside, It fits in easily either in school bags or small baby bags without making the bags bulky for toddlers and kids to carry.

These containers are easy to clean and dry. It not only saves our pockets but environment too and are Reusable.

Available in different colours and designs makes it the first preference for kids as well for mothers.

The downside of these sandwich keepers are the size, as not all bread sizes fit into them. Also these little containers work best for toddlers and small kids to carry portions according to their needs.

To complement the "Tupperware Dora sandwich keeper" there is this awesome "Tupperware Dora water bottle" which is equally high quality and stores water up to 400ml good enough for a school going kid's consumption during the day. Easy to sip and hold while you are away at school or picnics. It comes handy whenever the child wants to hydrate himself/herself. These leak proof bottles keeps the water away from spilling. The spout cap snaps in place to prevent the water from flowing out or sloshing. This lightweight bottle can either be held or carried in bag hardly occupying any space or adding to the weight of the bag.

These bottles come in different colours and designs and can be picked according to the child's choice of characters.

I personally liked both the products, especially because of the good quality that is safe for everyday use and lasts longer.

To purchase the above products you can log on to Tupperware India website and get connected to the nearest Distributor. The above set also makes for a nice gift for school going kids during birthdays and other occasions. I recommend this quality product that is useful and worth spending for!! 

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Bio Oil brings #YummyMummies on the ramp this Mother's Day!

                             "You never understand life until it grows inside of you"
This Mother's Day offered me an opportunity to experience an event of its kind and a fabulous show as I witnessed the Bio Oils's #YummiliciousWalk dedicated to expecting mums. The sight of the beautiful mommies-to-be left the audience awestruck when 12 pregnant women sashayed the ramp with their naturally glowing skin and cute baby bumps. Each one of them looked absolutely stunning, styled differently in fashionable outfits by Inaaya, jewellery, make up and beautifully done up hair. The credit goes to Shivangi Lahoty for their flawless appearance who ensured they all looked nothing less then a princess.

The beautiful and svelte actress Shveta salve and coveted model Carol Gracias graced the occasion with their presence and flaunted their baby bumps too along with 12 other beautiful pregnant women who walked the ramp with complete ease and confidence.

The brand created a platform for expecting mothers, to help them come out of their cocoon and dazzle the ramp.

The thought of becoming a mother itself brings so many emotions to a woman. Pregnancy is such a divine state of a woman when she carries a life within her. That's the most beautiful part of being a woman and needs to be celebrated. No wonder a woman carrying a child glows naturally and looks her best... Still many of us feel uncomfortable with the way we look and avoid social gatherings during this time. Dressing up is definitely the last thing on our mind as we are mindful of the way our body looks.

This Mother's Day Bio oil's #YummiliciousWalk was a step towards expecting mothers to celebrate their bodies and shed those inhibitions of a pregnant woman. Each mother-to-be looked gorgeous and grabbed all the attention needed at this stage of motherhood.

Carol Gracias stated, "I'm delighted to have been given the opportunity to choreograph the walk with all these gorgeous women! Joining these lovely mothers has been an over-whelming experience. So, all you Yummy Mummies out there go ahead and flaunt your cute baby bumps!"

Also present at the event were celebrity gynaecologist Dr. Kiran Coelho and dermatologist Dr. Rashmi Shetty. They discussed the concerns of a pregnant women and their worries of stretch marks post delivery. They also shed some light on the changes a women's body undergo during pregnancy and suggested one must take care of skin as it gets dry and itchy during pregnancy. Keeping the skin moisturised all the times with an application of Bio Oil can give a big time relief from stretch marks and smoothens the skin keeping it soft supple and maintains its elasticity.

The presence of Vitamin E, Lavender, Calendula and Rosemary makes Bio Oil the perfect choice for expecting mothers to rely on. Bio Oil is a specialist skincare oil that not only helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone but is also very effective for aging and dehydrated skin.

Well-known TV Actor and dancer Shveta Salve expressed, "Pregnancy is a wonderful journey that should be cherished and rejoiced." She said, " I have been using Bio Oil from day one of my pregnancy and recommend this to all the expecting moms to get away with dry skin and stretch mark worries.

The specialists highlighted the after effects of a good skin care regime and recommended tips for improving the skin as well as the ideal time to get back to exercising post pregnancy.

Encouraging women to come out of their shell, boosting their morale and making them feel beautiful was the focus of the event. This Mother's Day, Bio Oil partnered with Yummy Mummies across the country to encourage them to celebrate their pregnancy phase rather than shying away from the world.

The event was perfect to match the theme and the occasion of Mother's Day. What better way to celebrate the love, the care and the sacrifice a women makes to be a mother.

"The changes in your body will last for just nine months, but the beauty of Motherhood will          embrace you for the rest of your life".

                                                               " Happy Mothers Day "

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Review of "The Crazy Scientist Box" from PodSquad

Summer vacations are the time to break free from the monotonous everyday routine and indulge in some fun and adventure. Holidays are totally fun for kids as they get a big break not only from schools but because they look forward to so much more they get to do while at home or away from home. Though vacations are usually exciting for kids... It can be equally taxing for parents to manage kids along with the rest of the household chores and work.

 So what have you planned for your child this summer ....??

How about making the most of their holidays by letting them free to explore some crazy little activities designed for them to challenge their curious minds?

Here I would introduce you to the brand new fun activity product that's not been launched in the market yet and my review of the product "The crazy Scientist Box" from the brand "PodSquad".

PodSquad "The Crazy Scientist Box"

What is PodSquad?

It's a brainchild of Ms. Abha Shah, the founder of PodSquad. Behind PodSquad is a passionate team of educationists, children's writers, designers and teachers who have contributed through decades of experience behind them.

PodSquad is based on a -"Theory of Multiple Intelligence" proposed by Howard Gardner. The theory suggests every child is unique and is born with 9 intelligence's (also known as the 9 SMARTS) some more pronounced and some less. It's important for parents to identify the child's aptitude early on by exposing them to various opportunities to explore. PodSquad is designed keeping in mind the above aspect of a child development and their uniqueness.

PodSquad box is a fun filled learning activities delivered monthly to your doorstep to keep your highly enthusiastic and energetic child occupied while catering to all his needs of fun, play & learning and promises a peaceful time for parents too! Ah! a sigh of relief!

My first ever PodSquad box arrived yesterday. The look of the box is kept simple yet attractive with the picture of pods to introduce your child to all possible kinds of pods he/she can think of as a playing companion.

The box clearly mentions... all the important information one would seek about the product including a brief description of activities that comes with the box, the learning approach and the subscription details.

Sliding PodSquad box & 3 activity kits

I liked the packing of the box .. It's hassle-free and different from other packings that usually requires a pair of scissors and turns out to be a struggle for kids to tare open it. A box has a small flap attached that slide opens the box which can later be used as a drawer for kids to keep their stuff.


The sliding box makes it way simpler for kids to open and take a peek into the activity box and that's
a big plus as my son smilingly opened the box and needed no assistance which he usually does.

Each activity is further divided and packed separately in reusable string-bags to ensure there is no mix of activities happen even while you leave it all by your kid. 

Each activity bag comes with well explained instruction's chart that's simple to understand for any kid within the given age group.

All the material required is provided along with the measure that's needed for the activity and labeled for easy understanding and use.

The step-wise procedure makes it easy to comprehend and follow avoiding any confusions at all.

The explanation through images along with the instructions helps the child relate better while he is on the go.

The activities ensure child works on his own without making it difficult at any stage for them to understand.

Lastly, PodSquad box contains a list of activities and the skills utilized by your child while performing, this gives a great insight for parents to understand their child's ability.

PodSquad's "The Crazy Scientist" comes with a pack of three different activities that keeps the child engaged for hours and hours promising loads of fun.

Activity 1 : Complete Slime Kit

This activity was super fun for my child as he had never done something like this ever before. It got real interesting when he kept following the instructions without anticipating how it's gonna turn out. His enthusiasm was pretty much visible when he held his own slimy in his hands. His very own slimy kept him occupied for quite long and he proudly called it his first invention. 

Activity 2 : Science Charade Card Game

The activity comes with a pack of 30 cards with some interesting facts on one side designed to work on the child's vocabulary and to enhance the art of enacting the words. 

Its a pretty interesting mix of game and education that can be enjoyed either with other kids or can just be played single handedly too.

The most eye catching object in the kit was the sand timer that took my sons attention and he immediately figured out that all activities needed to be completed within a time frame. I liked the way his eyes were on the sand timer while doing his activities but the sand slid little too fast... hahha!

While we indulged in this science of charades game ... He didn't forget to point out..Time is running out mom with his sand timer in hand. 

Activity 3: Magnet Maze Puzzles

Geeky Pod's Magnet Maze : A game of navigating magnets through mazes to experience magnetism first- hand. The activity kit contains 4 board maze games with magnets. 

My son literally looked stunned at the magnetism experience he had with the magnet maze, playing maze with the magnet was a different experience altogether. The magnets kept him busy for quite long and I saw him experimenting different ways of pulling and moving the magnets by each other's magnetism.

Above all there is a free Geeky pod collectible and a pod story book comes along with the kit. 

 I honestly felt the activity kit kept my son busy for good 2 hours especially when his first ever experiment turned into a slimy and he couldn't resist but shared with all his friends and boosted of his experiment. He very well organised his own schedule and rearranged his box to secure the rest of the activities for next two days.

In my review it's really been an exciting experience with Podsquad. I would recommend parents to subscribe to this wonder kit which promises to be lot of fun for the child along with a great learning experience. 

The learning through fun and play stimulates child brain to think smart and helps them retain for longer. 

Most importantly PodSquad comes with a certificate of achievement that can be given to your children after a successful completion of the activity and it definitely works as a big boost for the child's confidence and a reward for your deserving kid.

Here's rewarding my Geeky Pod for his efforts, learning and fun!

Product Details:

Brand Name : PodSquad
Product Name : The Crazy Scientist Box
Product type : Educational Toy
Age Group : 4 -7 yrs

Website :

Do visit their website to subscribe online and further product related queries.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Women In Me knows her worth !!

Woman is an epitome of love, purity, compassion and courage. We have seen, read and heard of many such instances where women have time and again proven themselves in different areas of life to prove their worth in the world against the other gender.

Today women in me doesn't want to prove anything to the world rather wants to ask the world, the society and to the women themselves.

Why do we need to prove at all?

I see more than anything else it's our own society and culture making it difficult for women to lead an independent life. Today if I forget all the rules, boundaries and the cynicism that applies only to women and decide to live happily with a set of open minded people who treat each other equally, care about each other's sentiments and value their opinion.. I think nothing else matters and there is no way out that I can be made to feel insecure, unequal or inferior in any other way. Neither do i need to prove myself for anything at all.

The biggest culprit in our society is the mindset of people that haven't changed over the years.

Today, Women are much more educated than they ever were. They are earning their own bread and bringing name and fame to their families. They are capable of doing almost everything that a human mind and body does in the form of man. In spite of having a same human flesh, blood and brains .. women are asked to prove themselves as if they are handicapped in some way.

This is a shear mindset or a cultural barrier that has been set by few and is being followed by many just because it gives the other gender an ego boost and proves them superior. 

My next question is What makes men a superior human being ? 

Kings felt superior when they went and fought the big historical wars to claim their victory over the others..But are men doing that today? Do we have kings anymore who have to prove themselves warriors and protect their kingdom?

The times have changed and so should we. Men don't need to dominate women in order to feel superior. We understand your worth and don't deny the fact that you complement us and your presence makes us feel even stronger. A man's qualities of strength and courage can be appreciative if used appropriately and for the goodness of society rather than discriminating and abusing women.

If given a thought, Today's times are the best when both men and women are capable of doing so much more with the education and awareness that's been around for a while now and can easily fit into each other's shoes as and when needed. It's the love, care and helping hand that needs to go along in order for a better times for the generations to come. 

Today, as a parent all I need to ensure for my child is good health, education, humanity, love respect and care irrespective of whether I have a girl or a boy child.

Where does the question of a gender even come from when we are dealing with humans who have the same mind and emotions? 

I would rather teach my child to be intelligent and independent enough to take a call and stand strong in difficult times. Loving, caring and sharing is something we start from the very beginning and these values go a long way even when they become adult and have a relationship to share with their partner. Just because the partner  is a women doesn't change the way we live life or the way one need to be treated. Women doesn't come with a pack of do's and dont's. 

So before I am a women, a wife, a daughter I am a human being who has the same mind as men and capacity to think and reciprocate, the same heart that pumps blood in the whole body as in men. In fact if there is any need to prove superior ... I as a women still win the game as I am also capable of giving birth to men. But I wouldn't take that credit because that's the way nature has created women and given her the strength to bare the pain to give someone a life. 

Let's respect nature for that and use the beautiful creation of God both men and women to the best of efficiency. Together we have the power to create wonders and bring the balance in life that's ever needed. 

We are both born to live together not to command or suppress each other.. It's as simple as that. All we need is to share the responsibility, work for each other than against and respect an individual and their needs.

That is the answer to all the bad in the society. One has to bring in the change in their own family to reflect it on society. 

The #WomenInMe wants to make sure non of the stereotyped thoughts passes on to my kids and they have an independent thinking on the basis of ethics, humanity, values and treat everyone equally. 

The #WomenInMe loves my father as much as my mother and truly believe both of them sacrificed in some way to raise me up and instilled values of love, respect and equality by being there for me as well as for each other.

The #WomenInMe loves the fact that i was raised along with two of my brothers and never felt any inferior to them as a kid. The women in me felt protected as they always stood by me. 

The #WomenInMe feels so proud when my husband says "you are my strength" and whatever i am able to achieve today is with your help and support.

The #WomenInMe cherish the unconditional love I get from my little boy, who showers it without asking for anything in return.

The #WomenInMe feels blessed when my parents in law love me like their daughter and trusts me with the responsibility of holding the family together and shower their blessings always.

 I am proud to be born as a woman and will always love the woman in me in the form of a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend.