Saturday, 13 August 2016

Choosing School Accessories for Kids

Choosing a lunchbox and water bottle can be exciting for school going kids. With the variety of eye catching fancy looking products available in the market, at times it gets difficult to choose the right product that's safe and convenient for kids to use.

There are times when kids fall for attractive looking items with striking colors and characters but when it comes to lunch boxes and water bottles we can not afford to compromise on quality as the low quality plastic can be harmful for our little babies and they may be intaking chemicals along with the food through everyday use.

When it comes to food containers, Tupperware is the best bet. Needless to boost about this brand ... Cause it's one name that's been ruling the Indian kitchen in every household for years. I myself am a big addict of Tupperware and can blindly trust their products after the faith they have generated in all these years.

Just one look and feel of the product is enough to judge the awesome quality of this product. The smooth and firm plastic quality makes Tupperware safe and superior from the rest.

Here's what I have to say about the recently launched "Tupperware Dora Sandwich Keeper" which I feel is awesome and comes handy for packing sandwiches, pasta, salads and small snack items for school, picnics, classes and much more.

These wonderful containers are great for kids school lunches as it keeps the bread fresh for long hours while sustaining the foods texture and flavours.

These are pretty easy to unlock for little hands and keeps the food fresh and intact keeping moisture away.

What I liked most about these pretty looking sandwich keeper is that " The sandwiches need no wrapping and they come out as fresh and soft as they went in at lunch time."

These come in great colours and characters for girls as well for boys to keep them close to their fantasy world while they eat away their lunch.

These cute little sandwich keepers are fun for little ones to carry lunch to school or snacks to the park.

The guarantee that comes along with these lunch boxes makes it worth the money as they last longer than other similar products in the market.

They also keep food fresh for extended periods of time.

The super quality of the sandwich keeper is made safe to store food inside, It fits in easily either in school bags or small baby bags without making the bags bulky for toddlers and kids to carry.

These containers are easy to clean and dry. It not only saves our pockets but environment too and are Reusable.

Available in different colours and designs makes it the first preference for kids as well for mothers.

The downside of these sandwich keepers are the size, as not all bread sizes fit into them. Also these little containers work best for toddlers and small kids to carry portions according to their needs.

To complement the "Tupperware Dora sandwich keeper" there is this awesome "Tupperware Dora water bottle" which is equally high quality and stores water up to 400ml good enough for a school going kid's consumption during the day. Easy to sip and hold while you are away at school or picnics. It comes handy whenever the child wants to hydrate himself/herself. These leak proof bottles keeps the water away from spilling. The spout cap snaps in place to prevent the water from flowing out or sloshing. This lightweight bottle can either be held or carried in bag hardly occupying any space or adding to the weight of the bag.

These bottles come in different colours and designs and can be picked according to the child's choice of characters.

I personally liked both the products, especially because of the good quality that is safe for everyday use and lasts longer.

To purchase the above products you can log on to Tupperware India website and get connected to the nearest Distributor. The above set also makes for a nice gift for school going kids during birthdays and other occasions. I recommend this quality product that is useful and worth spending for!! 


  1. Such a great ideas. Thanks for the suggestion.